Into the Dark

by The Restitution

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airik333 Haunting melodies and very experimental. Radiohead vibe but heavy. Right up my alley Favorite track: Swarm.
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Wonderbox Metal For any fan of contemporary progressive music

Read the full review - Favorite track: Leviathan.
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Into the Dark is an honest exploration of the brokenness of human connection. "Humans need each other by nature," singer/guitarist/composer Michael Wright says. "But we live in a society where we are unwittingly making it easier to live without each other, and thereby harder to live with each other; this is something that has affected me deeply, and is really what this record is about."

Not being content to merely write the same record over again, Michael spent a period of 4 years meticulously crafting "Into the Dark" until he had something that was sonically both a continuation of "Waves," but also something decidedly different, pulling from influences as varied as Deftones to Radiohead to Netflix's Stranger Things.

Produced, engineered & mixed by Michael Wright

Recorded at It's a Trap! Recording

Acoustic guitar on "Anchors" recorded by Justin "JC" Gariano at TreeHaus Recording

Mastered by Mashadi Maximus at Mashternator Audio

Art direction, design, and artwork by Prakersh Gupta

Music by Michael Wright, except "Glimmer," which is by Michael Wright and James Cook

Lyrics by Michael Wright

All songs © 2017 The Restitution (ASCAP)


released June 19, 2017


all rights reserved



The Restitution Los Angeles, California

The Restitution is an ambitious progressive metal project from Los Angeles, California. Striving to stray from the norm of stringing together breakdown after breakdown, the band aims instead to create music that is intentionally cohesive and purposeful. Sonically, the band draws from an eclectic set of influences, drawing sounds from folk, jazz as well as electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: Swarm
The cure for my disease waits patiently
Closely guarded, her light breaks on me

My aim is true, and eyes are wary
The blessed fruit lies just beyond reach
Barred by fire and barb
My breath becomes a blaze

Breathe in her shadow, taste its unmaking wake
This dazzling dark hollows out my chest

Black fury spirals through this brittle architecture
Subdued, the fibers let go their tethered bonds

Breathe in her shadow, taste its unmaking wake
This dazzling dark hollows out my bones

Her absence, now woven into my skin
Has marked me an omen to all
She burns in their veins
And leaves me devoured

As I immerse in clouds of teeth
Her light, in blinding brilliance
Withdraws the air once left to me
Track Name: Singularity
How blackness coats my bones, and flows from the marrow
Its fingers have draped over my eyes
I wear it as a cloak, amidst the lightless skies
So that only I can see, the path that I have gone

But in this place, my steps fall into the shroud
I’ve lost, my bearings/sight, of where I had meant to be
This, black, it’s gravity, tears oceans free, of skin and stone
It won't let me go

She calls from burning black, Her words in softly spoken flame
That burns the black from me, reveals my skin
Although I stumble through, a sea of pointillistic gloom
She finds Her way to me, across the distance

The aether hems me in, despite all my best efforts
At once I embrace and deny it
I’m caught in the tension, between the two pulls
I begin to unravel, and will soon be split apart

Come: unify, restore, make whole
Before my shape divides
Track Name: Floods
"All hope is lost, all hope is frail"
The waves taunt and scorn
"We will bury your dead in our belly
And dash your living upon the rocks."

I cry out for hope, for a chance
But they seem distant and past hope
I'd be content to die in your arms
To feel your pulse cover me in my dying breath

My arms grow weak, and I start to slip
Your shape conforms, around my own
There never was much hope for me
For a man like me to leave, escape these gaping jaws

I am released and reeled back in
Your many arms manifest their indecision
You fill and drain my lungs over and over
Leaving me hanging between life and death

Cover me in the sands, cleanse me on the reef
Let me drink deep the killing sea
Let it have from me my water, and the bones it leaves behind
Blessed sea, take everything from me

Sink, sink down deep
The aching holds me down
Where there is no promise
Where only silence survives

I am haunted by your wake
It unravels me, it undoes me
It pulses and drones and swallows me whole
Flood my lungs till all that's left of me is you
Track Name: Leviathan
Why have you haunted us so, O bringer of death?
You weigh our backs with crushing sorrow, that sates your thirst
And how you've loosed your knives on our hearts
What bitter joy derives from all of our pain?

All things give homage to you, all things in dread of your touch
You take our bones as offering
Our substance clasped and unraveled
We see the doom of all things lovely/bright

You turn our white to black, diffusing all our hope
Our portion left is bitter sighs
With teeth of skyscrapers, that twist and tear our deeps, you put an end to all our good

We sought untainted light, uneclipsed by your gloom
But your shadow stretches over all

But whispers of flickers of light lie (glide?) within our hearts
Where shadows and silence can never quench our ebbing flame

Let our days of sighing end, and all the bitter chains that have held us here
Give us Light in these darkened days, when all we see are stirring shadows speaking [in] signs
But is there an end to his reign? A light that breaks free his shadow's gravity?
Unbind us, as our ribs are intertwined
Unfetter; can his cords be overcome before our collapse?
Track Name: Into the Dark
Your light is my path, it shows my steps
But I've been in darkness all my life
These thorns and fangs cling to my feet
From all the missteps that have taken me

Is this everything? The reach of my hand is so short
Is there no grace, that I am chosen to wander on my own?

You saved the world, but am I the grain
That fell through the cracks in your fingers?
Made apart from the whole
Imprisoned inside this breaking shell

Is this everything? The reach of my hand is so short
Is there no grace, that I am chosen to wander on my own?

I fell into the dark and I became it
It covered me, it grafted like skin
It wrenched the light, to bend it around my shape
So that no one could see, to pull me from its grip

My hands became twisted roots, while I I've knocked unceasingly
I could hear the footsteps, on the other side of the door
But the answer never came, I saw the glare then flicker out
So I'm left in this cold, where my light's withheld

All is lost and all is vain, vapid
Will I leave shriveled, swallowed up in thirst? Refuse
Will my light be quenched, ever darkened in the ash?
Will Hope show itself before the end?
Track Name: Muad'Dib
The poison is thin, as it spreads in our minds
So subtle and strange, yet familiar as our own
Its shape our atmosphere, expanding to the stars
'Til soon it overcomes, and no other breath exists

I see, I feel it stir
The fear that kills the mind

Its paralysis, has taken me
As it seeps into my veins
It guides my hands, and shapes my lips
And though I look for escape, it's out of reach

They follow my steps, as I follow the fear
Together we go, where resistance is thin
It swells all around me, and grows to violence
Oh, it must be stopped, before the fall

They’ll tear down everything, piece by piece
For the “greater good,” they'll shed the weaker parts of us
I hold the keys to free them from their fear
But still my hands are trembling

So finally it's come--it's here; convergence is at hand
The fate of worlds, of stars, has rested on these hands
And I stood by and watched the fall of galaxies
When all this time I knew, but did nothing
Track Name: Anchors
The anchors hold me, but their grip, is not enough
They drag me down, too weightless to brave the storm

"Save your breath for the sea, gather all you can
Break the skin, and descend, into the dark"

My lungs are too small to carry me where
The depths embrace my chest
And the silence calls out my name
To know the taste of its blue love

The Earth laid bare underneath blankets of cold
Lighted only by the death that holds me here

"Save your breath for the sea, gather all you can
Break the skin, and descend, into the dark"

"Oh, save your breath for the sea"
Softly they sing
Their melody breaks my will
As they mark me for death

Their design brings me into the black
I feel the weight hem me in
Relentless in their indifference
They rip me to shards innumerable

Oh the fires pour into my lungs
Carving their shape out from my chest
And I sink into the heart of the Earth
As my bones and my thoughts become one

All I’ve ever known is within this shroud
When all I wanted was a way out
Track Name: Symbiont
Your grip has fastened us here
Pending above the jaws of death
Your arms will shield us from him
Swiftly hold us, lest we're gone

Find us, we are all lost
Buried inside this shell
Breaking and soon to fall
Catch us, the light seeps in

The serpent's jaws tempting your arms
To let us fall into his grasp

His words like poison in our veins
They make us like stone, like corpses
Unliving and unfeeling things
Stay your ears from his plea

Find us, we are all lost
Buried inside this shell
Breaking and soon to fall
Catch us, we're breaking through

Light us, we cannot find our way
And all the air is crushing us
We are losing animation
Hear us, we are alive, we're here

And all our shell is stressed to break
To spill us out in the jaws of
The serpent, longing for our taste
Oh, come and save us, set us free

"Still I'll find a way inside"
Track Name: Glimmer
The shadows shutter, a glowing fracture marks their fabric
With flickering arms, She reaches against this crushing dark

But how long have I spent here, in the black
That my eyes can scarcely discern the undark
Down here, where cold is king

The pressure held my eyes closed
'Til sight was only myth
But Her song, so luminous
Still rings in my ears

Oh, how long have I spent here, in the silence
That my ears can scarcely hear the melody She sings

Her brilliance lost in broken synapse
Where shadow feeds on fear and fault
But can She break through the miles
Of death and gloom that keep me here?

Where cold and empty things
Take their fill of me
That grow and grow, as I
Continue forever in my subtraction

Her brilliance lost in broken synapse
Where shadow feeds on fear and fault
But can She break through the miles
Of death and gloom that keep me here