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Faces 04:18
I'd rip my eyes out all to be rid of this And cut off my tongue just to be clean Oh, how I know what's inside of me All the faces of black and gray Let both my ears fall from their place And my voice never speak again If only I could be lost and Drowning beneath the face of the deep The things I've lost will never Return back to me again I've become sullied with blood Stained deep into my skin What a wretched man I am, what hope is there for me? Folly has stretched his name upon me If only I were a man of virtue And my soul free of disgrace How fit are your fires for the searing of my soul What a fitting end for me, to be cut off from everything good Why am I here when I clearly don't belong? Amidst such grace, apart from well-deserved wrath? What have I done with all my sin? That these blood-stained robes surpass the sun? Why don't you see the wickedness I thrive? Oh, why don't you see that my every step betrays? But can such light overcome all the Darkness buried deep inside me? Is my soul too dim to see again? Can grace survive such a violence?
We are buried under a sky of earth Dwellers of stone, impoverished of sun Left alone, we are wanderers Soon exiled to our allotted graves All our dreams, you've made them heresies Encased in stone and wrought within the earth You've told us all, everything is in eye's grasp But there must be something past this earthen crown We once dreamed a land of blue sky, enraptured in the sun of freedom from these shadows, but now we've seen the truth Locked in a cell, we are alone; this can't be all there is Born in this place, but never past these walls I won't accept your "truth," there must be something more than this When the folly comes, it will tear you to pieces With the following of time, it's a loyal way to burn And in the end you'll see it's all in vain If truly there's no sun, no sky above this void Then we are damned in this world, damned to fabricated light Either you've blinded our eyes, or you've broken through our veil Regardless, the result remains the same Even if your words a true, I will choose to live the lie Fabricated it may be, it exceeds in every way Call me a child, call me a fool, but I will live with my eyes closed And if prophet you turn, then life is a trifle end
Artifice, these faces not our own; search deeper Unseen, our silent shape speaks from in our shell We see only a slant, we war with wood and nail We see only in part, we replaced what once was From heaven's frame birthed, as we rose up from the new-found dust It was there we exiled the dawn that our form came We looked into our eyes, when we swore we never would return The world is our home, by force came our inheritance But we were always meant for the stars, To live across skies, to live past their reach Instead we came to reinvent We broke open the Earth, and tore down its skies Forever we'll live in the stead of the life that once breathed here Innocent veins gave way to our brazen lust; all creation groans The grass and flower faded, but we've come to break the spell To undo the hands that first held this world, to make it ours But we were always meant for the stars, To live across skies, to live past their reach Instead we came to reinvent We broke open the Earth, and tore down its skies In an image long forgotten, we stand atop the gods We burned their shells forever, and picked up where they left off We made the heavens our throne, and our footstool the Earth Until we made Fate our own, then reformed the world in our image Breathe in the dawn of a new Earth When ocean breaks against cloud We are the new world Ravagers of the old We are forever, the end And holder of your corpse
Weigh 04:54
Come, weigh upon my soul The meaning of the earth's gentle grip And lift me where its palm cannot reach Permeate all I am And mold the clay to perfection Expose the extract before the fire Such majesty knows no bounds to expound Such majesty, compound, become my life Such majesty, set fire upon this ground The seas lift their voice and tremble Prostrate and collapsed, they've fallen At a voice bound in mangled flesh Self-brought to its own majesty Come, weigh upon my soul The light cast by the Invisible And lift me where it's all I can see Envelope all I am Let my eyes burn and be turned to ash Lest I scatter like dust in the wind Let my hands grasp the sun within them Lest I burn up and given to fire Make my lips burn and fused with the coal Set in them the creation of all Cast me aside, as ash of the dead Then speak to these bones, and give them breath
Guardian 05:59
‪The day grows long, as long as you hang‬ All the air below threatens to crush you From the unfolding of my seed, the earth was birthed My roots water the soil, and my leaves a shelter But you I'm growing new Above all the earth and air and beast Then the stars will marvel and The demons all will hide their faces And every tongue that speaks in whispers Will be scorched with fire And all who dare accuse you I'll pull the air out from their lungs My roots grow inside your flowering lungs No one can snatch from within their grip Soon your shell will break And you will finally be unveiled When again my roots Have reached into the earth Soon your fray will consummate By fire, pure and winnowing Everest's ancient stance has broken And Sol has fallen to shadow Could my hand be restrained so eas'ly, That my grip would let you come loose? Oh, exile, buried above the earth Fear not the taunting--the jaws below Or the constrictor, who will never find their end Oh, don't you see that I will never let you fall? All the earth breaks with your seed And so it all will be reborn As the crumbling mask gives way And your seas are swallowed up The years devoured will flourish And Eater will take his portion Among his deeds Break through, into the glistening Where we will cry, "where is your sting?"
Waves 03:35
I look for eyes to see mine I look for waves of discord Was it ever a wonder I was here? Is there ever a fault that isn't mine? I grasp at the winds for mercy I follow the dusk forever Enchanted yet dismayed I wander the paths that lead to you I invite in the flames of hell Inside the place that I had built Buried under a sea of sentiment Caught inside of a bliss that's gone so wrong Have I found my grave eternal? Will ever a light shine through the sands? Enchanted yet dismayed I wander the paths that lead to you I invite in the flames of hell Inside the place that I had built For you this shrine was made Inside its walls I've laid my head Come, tear away the frame Forever we'll leave this all behind I look for eyes to see mine I look for waves of discord
Their eyes peer through me like glass
 Years I've wandered from place to solemn place 
Born with a shape a different shade from all the rest
 Wrought with the sands of a land so foreign I was grown in a garden, tended by light and shadow
 From my sides my arms emerged, withered 
The soil carved my legs out, not strong enough to stand
 Lastly the shadows fused to my frame Not even vultures would take me now in need 
A creature better left unseen 
If they only saw, what would they see?
 If they only saw, what would I see? Would that I could return to my garden womb 
To plant my feet, to the soil unsculpted again
 And place these arms back in my sides
 Let the soil submerge, my bones and skin dispersed, asleep again I was grown in a garden, tended by light and shadow
 From my sides my arms emerged, withered
 The soil carved my legs out, not strong enough to stand 
Lastly the shadows fused to my skin Subdued by Gravity, fettered by its weeded hands The sun has branded its taunting, deep into my scalloped neck Fastened like a hanging noose, set out to bleed my lungs clean I'll be swinging like a rotted tree, suspended from the vine's constricting web Overgrown, my throat caressed by weeds I grasp for the blades, but find only empty fists So long unkept, this shriveled land How long, O tender? Let not these bones rot 'Fore the dawn clothes the Earth


Since 2005, Michael Wright, vocalist\guitarist of The Restitution, has sought to break the notion that heavy music is by nature mindless and ineloquent. Beginning years ago with a borrowed guitar and amplifier simulation software, Mike began developing the sound that would become The Restitution. With inspiration from bands like Thrice, Deftones and Oh, Sleeper, he is proving that the harder spectrum of music can be intelligent, tasteful and full of honest hope.

Setting a deadline against his perfectionist tendencies, Mike went about performing, engineering and mixing the entire record himself at It's a Trap! Studio over a matter of a few weeks. "'Waves' was an exercise in authenticity for me," Mike says. "In a world where everything is auto-tuned and automated and edited to perfection, I really wanted this record to feel human." "Waves" was then mastered by Jack Shirley (Comadre) at The Atomic Garden (deafheaven, Loma Prieta).


released May 29, 2013

Produced, recorded and engineered by Michael Wright
Recorded at It's a Trap! Studios, Portland, OR

Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio, East Palo Alto, CA

All songs and lyrics written and performed by Michael Wright

Drums on "The Garden, Laid Bare" by Tyson Kingrey

Gang Vocals:
Adam Vandecoevering
Andrew Pomeroy
Nate Allen
Philip Wright

Art Direction and Package Design by Scott Christianson

All music and lyrics © 2013 The Restitution


all rights reserved



Luminous Beings Los Angeles, California

Luminous Beings is an ambitious post-hardcore project based out of Los Angeles, California. Striving to stray from cliches and genre norms, the band aims that is intentional and diverse, drawing from an eclectic set of influences ranges from metal to synth wave to film scores. ... more

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