from Into the Dark by Luminous Beings



Why have you haunted us so, O bringer of death?
You weigh our backs with crushing sorrow, that sates your thirst
And how you've loosed your knives on our hearts
What bitter joy derives from all of our pain?

All things give homage to you, all things in dread of your touch
You take our bones as offering
Our substance clasped and unraveled
We see the doom of all things lovely/bright

You turn our white to black, diffusing all our hope
Our portion left is bitter sighs
With teeth of skyscrapers, that twist and tear our deeps, you put an end to all our good

We sought untainted light, uneclipsed by your gloom
But your shadow stretches over all

But whispers of flickers of light lie (glide?) within our hearts
Where shadows and silence can never quench our ebbing flame

Let our days of sighing end, and all the bitter chains that have held us here
Give us Light in these darkened days, when all we see are stirring shadows speaking [in] signs
But is there an end to his reign? A light that breaks free his shadow's gravity?
Unbind us, as our ribs are intertwined
Unfetter; can his cords be overcome before our collapse?


from Into the Dark, released June 19, 2017


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Luminous Beings Los Angeles, California

Luminous Beings is an ambitious post-hardcore project based out of Los Angeles, California. Striving to stray from cliches and genre norms, the band aims that is intentional and diverse, drawing from an eclectic set of influences ranges from metal to synth wave to film scores. ... more

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