from Into the Dark by Luminous Beings



The poison is thin, as it spreads in our minds
So subtle and strange, yet familiar as our own
Its shape our atmosphere, expanding to the stars
'Til soon it overcomes, and no other breath exists

I see, I feel it stir
The fear that kills the mind

Its paralysis, has taken me
As it seeps into my veins
It guides my hands, and shapes my lips
And though I look for escape, it's out of reach

They follow my steps, as I follow the fear
Together we go, where resistance is thin
It swells all around me, and grows to violence
Oh, it must be stopped, before the fall

They’ll tear down everything, piece by piece
For the “greater good,” they'll shed the weaker parts of us
I hold the keys to free them from their fear
But still my hands are trembling

So finally it's come--it's here; convergence is at hand
The fate of worlds, of stars, has rested on these hands
And I stood by and watched the fall of galaxies
When all this time I knew, but did nothing


from Into the Dark, released June 19, 2017


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Luminous Beings Los Angeles, California

Luminous Beings is an ambitious post-hardcore project based out of Los Angeles, California. Striving to stray from cliches and genre norms, the band aims that is intentional and diverse, drawing from an eclectic set of influences ranges from metal to synth wave to film scores. ... more

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